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Aims of the Organisation:

The principal aims of the organisation are to promote in Scotland, for the benefit of people living in Scotland, the charitable objectives of the National Eczema Society (NES), specifically:

  1. To raise awareness of eczema, its management and its consequences.

  2. To improve the dissemination of information on eczema, through support of exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations.

  3. To influence Scottish Executive policy leading to the improvement of NHS dermatology service provision for patients with eczema throughout Scotland.

  4. To encourage the provision of education / training for health care professionals with the aim of improving the care of patients with eczema.

  5. To facilitate individual patients, patient groups and volunteers who are active in supporting eczema care on a locality basis.

  6. To develop partnerships with other organisations in the NHS, pharmaceutical industry and the voluntary sector in support of the above aims.

  7. To promote  the value of research and evaluation into the causes of and possible cure for eczema and the alleviation of its effects.

  8. To raise funds to support the foregoing aims.

Registered Office:              Eczema Scotland
                                                Digby Brown & Co Solicitors
                                                14 Hanover Court
                                                North St. Glenrothes
                                                KY7 5SB
Registered Charity No. SCO32527