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Help and Support

National Eczema Society  -  Support for people with eczema within the United Kingdom.

Nottingham Support Group -  A very helpful site.

Charity Christmas Cards

Buy Christmas Cards to help support the National Eczema Society (NES) at NES Charity Cards, NES Enterprises Cards or NES Cards.

Buy Corporate Christmas Cards  to help support the National Eczema Society (NES).

You can also buy Christmas Cards at the following Charity Card Fairs:

24 October 2009 - Helensburgh.
07 November 2009 - Dunblane
07 November 2009 - Greenbank Church, Edinburgh.
11 November 2009 - Glasgow City Chambers, Glasgow.
21 November 2009 - Stirling.
29 November 2009 - Moffat
05 December 2009 - Scott's Selkirk, Selkirk.